Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D. is an on-air reporter at Bloomberg covering global business, finance, and the economy based in New York City. An Edward R. Murrow  and Emmy award winning journalist and news anchor, Viviana has reported for international, national, and local news networks, most recently at WTOL­-TV in the critical political battleground state of Ohio.

Viviana was part of the Al Jazeera English launch team as the North America correspondent, covering U.S. foreign policy and politics for a global audience, as well as extensively reporting throughout Latin America, including President George W. Bush’s last official visit to South America.

Recruited by ABC News, Viviana's multi­platform reporting of broadcast, radio, and digital includes the historic 2008 Presidential election, the global financial crisis of 2009, Hurricane Ike, the Haiti earthquake, and the BP oil spill.

A National Public Radio (NPR) guest host and contributor at MSNBC, CNN, and Univision, Viviana has been quoted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, and Rolling Stone. 

In addition to the Murrow and Emmy, she is a recipient of numerous awards and honors granted by organizations such as the Columbia Journalism Review and South by Southwest (SXSW).

Viviana is the creator of the women­ empowering and award­ winning The Wise Latina Club blog  and  co­founder  of  Latinas  for  Latino  Lit  (L4LL),  home  of  the  Latino  Children's Summer  Reading  Program,  powered  by  Google  which  works  to  raise  literacy  rates  for  improved education  and  life  outcomes.  A  skilled  speaker  and  panel  moderator,  she  has  delivered  keynote speeches at Johns Hopkins University and the White House. 

A  San  Francisco,  California  native,  Viviana  is  the  proud  daughter  of  Colombian  immigrants.  A success story with an impeccable professional reputation, she holds a Ph.D. from Yale, a master’s from  Stanford,  and  bachelor’s  from University  of  California  at  Berkeley.  She  has  lived  in  Latin America, Europe,  and  all  over  the  U.S.

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