VIDEO: Lima ELOG trucker protest part of nationwide call to action

Lima, Ohio - More than 50 truckers dropped off petitions to U.S. Representative Jim Jordan's district office in Lima, Ohio.

Part of a nationwide protest on Monday, with signs and American flags, they are sending a message to Washington that they're against the federal mandate called the electronic logging device ELD or e-log which tracks truckers' drive time.

They said it is bad for highway safety, your pocketbook and their bottom line.

"For me and my family, this is the way I make a living. We wait on chickens to lay eggs. How do you justify a time clock waiting on an animal to lay an egg?," said Ron Bowers of Bowers Trucking who transports a variety of goods, including chicken eggs.

The American Trucker Associations supports the ELD, claiming it makes the roads safer for truckers and drivers.

ATA spokesperson Sean McNally made a statement to WTOL 11 News.

“ELDs work by improving compliance with the current hours-of-service rules, as supported by federal data showing that use of an ELD reduced the truck crash rate by 11.7% and reduced hours-of-service violations by 50% when compared to users of paper logs."

Pamela Cox from Radebaugh Trucking Inc. refuted the ATA's findings.

"We as truck drivers, we're not criminals. We're out here. We want you to get your family. We want to get to our family," insists Ms. Cox.

Small business owner-operators make up the bulk of the American long and short distance freight trucking industry, transporting goods ranging from food to steel. They said this federal mandate will hurt consumers since the truckers will have to pass along increased costs.

The ELOG federal mandate is scheduled to go into effect on December 18th.