GOP Chairman loses bid to keep job to Trump-backed candidate

COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - Despite his insistence in December that he had the votes to hold off a challenge for his seat, sitting Ohio GOP chair Matt Borges withdrew his name from consideration for the position after two rounds of voting ended in deadlock on Friday.

Borges was beaten by the Donald Trump-backed candidate Jane Timken, of Canton, who criticized Borges for failing to “fully support” Trump after he won the party’s nomination.

After two rounds of voting, neither candidate was able to gather the required 34-vote majority from the 66-member committee before Borges withdrew his name.

Matt Borges told WTOL 11 that he “had the votes” to remain chairman of the Ohio Republican Party over Timken back in early December.

Timken said she doubted Chairman Borges’ ability to lead the state party during the forthcoming Trump presidency, tracing her reservations at least to the GOP convention in Cleveland when Trump became the Republican nominee.

Opponents claim Borges, a loyalist of Governor John Kasich who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination, did not publicly throw his weight behind Trump until late October.