"...and the Immigration Bill will..." Then I Got Cut off by the Prez on Sirius XM's Politics Powered by Twitter

I have been covering the immigration debate since 2006 when I was a local reporter in Providence, Rhode Island. Thousands flooded public squares and plazas at rallies nationwide, especially Latinos who appeared to come out of nowhere, organized by powerful Spanish language radio DJs.

"Wow there are so MANY. Where did 'they' come from?"

Answer: "They came from YOUR homes where they work as nannies, gardiners, and builders, YOUR restaurants where they bus and wait YOUR tables, from the fields that pick the produce in YOUR kitchen."

The last version of an overhaul to our immigration system died the following year in the Senate.

That was then. How about today?


This week the immigration bill made it out of committee for a likely June vote in the full Senate. I believe it will survive. But how about the House of Representatives, where it heads next? Formidable Republican opposition there could derail it as I write in "Immigration Bill Reality Show: The Collective One."

Mainstream Republicans who want immigration to pass to stay competitive with Hispanic voters explain their political calculus: get it out of the Senate to the House to pass before the August summer recess. Why? Because some lawmakers go back to their districts to face angry constituents at town halls.

Remember the healthcare debate three years ago?

'Nuf said.

Now add the 2014 campaign season silliness vortex churning in the Fall.

The immigration bill could pass at this time but it's trickier because...

And then I got cut off by President Obama!

K, k, k, k.

It wasn't personal. He began a speech and well, Sirius XM's Politics Powered By Twitter warned me that they would carry it live.

I got big footed by the Prez.

¿Whatta ya gonna do?

¡Finish my thought on my blog, of course!

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Do you think the immigration bill will pass before the Fall?