Best Movie Love Scenes...or Por Qué I'm Still Single

Editor's Note: This post was first appeared one year ago right before Valentine's Day. As I look back, I think it has the bones of how TWLC would and has developed (interesting, ¿no? that it's a post about L-O-V-E that would inspire and become the guts of a blog that tacked toward politics): a modern Latina voice rooted in tradition; funny and fresh while going deep and vulnerable.  Smart and sharp-tongued, yet soulful, humble, and kind.  Hopeful and upbeat, never cynical or beaten.  These are the voices of Latinas from all walks of life I know and have known my whole life.  And they are chatting, chismeando, asking, declaring, speaking their minds, inserting their perspective into a national dialogue here even though out there, we are only often times represented as maids or hot tamales, if at all.

I hear you.  We hear you.

Original Post Published 2/13/2011:

TWLC will one day tell you about First Love, Latin Lover, el Político, Super Jew, the Deputy Sheriff, Mi Capítulo Verde, JAG, el Brasileiro, the Cheater, and the still sin igual Crazy Love. Why I still love, guided by the chispa, which like any spark, is a blessing--think: a camp fire that warms--and una condena that can raze your soul.  Why I believe, not in the One, but in el León de mi Alma.

And that I'm his Diosa Coronada.


And why this chica moderna, who spent years grudgingly rejecting Mami's unsolicited advice on men, now lives according to her mother's word:

  • Yes, el hombre propone y la mujer dispone, even though I have passionately argued how retrógrada these idiosincrasias are.
  • And one more thing Mami, in los Estados, and in this era, it's not only men who make a proposition, pero nosotras también.
  • Oh, I almost forgot, did it cross your mind that maybe las mujeres aceptamos because we want to?

"Hacéme caso mijita," Mami sighs after smelling salts have brought her back from almost seeing the white light, a default reaction to the veiled allusion, treacherous thought, muffled murmur, much less any talk about sexo. "¡Mientras caminás por tu camino, yo estoy regresando!"

Yes.  While I'm traveling on my journey, Mami has lapped me, not once, but many times.

1950's colombiano mindset (which is really the Victorian age in gringo years), dating desastres, and relationships that start, develop, and are finito online aside:

I.  Believe.  In.  Love.

  • A Love like Mami and Papi's that has survived 49 years despite life-threatening illnesses, financial hardship, a different culture and language, and constant change.
  • A Love that is not perfect, but strives for perfection every day by living truthfully, humbly, with grace, compassion, warmth, and kindness.
  • A Love that knows, and fundamentally has no limits.

"¡Pero chica," you might be thinking, "your brain is seriously lavado!"

.  And here are the movies and love scenes, that brainwashed this chica's pretty little head:

1) A Room with a View (1985)

2) Pride and Prejudice (2005)

3) Gone with the Wind (1939)

4) Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (1988)

What movie and Love Scene gets your voto?
¡Happy Valentine's Day!