Career: 4 Reasons to Utilize Your Alumni Network

When moving to a new city, it is important to quickly establish a contact base. Joining alumni groups are a great way to network for potential professional contacts and opportunities and easier because of the common ground of your shared Alma Mater.

Many colleges and student organizations have alumni organizations in cities across the country. To get involved, start by searching for alumni networks online. You can also find alumni networks by asking mutual friends who attended college with you. State societies are helpful for connecting with alumni, from undergraduate or graduate school.

Alumni Networking

After you have established what alumni organizations you would like to join, attend an event the organization is hosting. Consider these reasons as motivation to get involved with alumni networks in your city. You never know if the people who once sat in class with you could now be colleagues or even your superiors.

4 Reasons To Be Involved In Alumni Networks

  1. Creates a Work-Life Balance: When moving to a new city, work may be the only thing that is consistent in your life. This can be draining and lonely. Meeting alumni and rekindling your involvement with meaningful associations, clubs, or sororities provides you with an opportunity to establish a work-life balance.
  2. Potential Career Opportunities: Getting involved with alumni networks could lead to new job opportunities and career interests. Stay in touch with other professionals in alumni networks to stay abreast of current job openings.
  3. Meet a Mentor: Finding a mentor to guide and advise you early on in your career is crucial to succeeding in the workplace. Alumni associations and networks are a way to capitalize on meeting seasoned professionals to consult for advice.
  4. A Chance to Make Contacts: Developing friendships and professional relationships in a city can be tough because of busy schedules and exclusivity of social groups. Alumni networks are a chance to meet other professionals on common ground. 

Are you connected with alumni networks?

Make the benefits of receiving a degree in higher education extend beyond your years in the classroom. Boost your post-grad career development by connecting with alumni networks to establish and grow a web of career contacts

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Edited by Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D.

Do you stay connected with other alumni? If so, have you experienced career benefits?