Civics Clase: What's a Caucus? Vlog


13 Republican presidential candidate debates until the first major event leading up to the 2012 GOP nomination at the summer convention.

But who's counting?

The much-anticipated Iowa caucus is important because it's the first political biggie on the way to being named the Republican challenger to President Obama.  The winner will have the political wind on his back, media attention, and an ensuing infusion of enough dólares to make petro-rich Hugo Chávez, heck, even small-time Latin American strong men jealous.

But will the champion of the Hawkeye state be the nominee?  Not necessarily, especially because Iowa caucus goers, while hard-core and devoted, aren't indicative of the country's larger demographic reality as confirmed by the 2010 U.S. Census which reveals a more diverse population led by the booming Latino community at 50.5 million.  And growing. Plus Hispanics are a younger group.  Do the math.  They're number crunching at Obama campaign headquarters, with the youngins fingers down to nubs.

But will these "new" voters--those turning 18, new U.S. citizens--register, then cast ballots in the primaries and the general election like "older," hard-core, and whiter voters, i.e. those in Iowa?

And before I start looking into my crystal ball, what exactly is a caucus  (like really)?  What's the political process in your community, say to elect member to the PTA or city council?

Click on the video to find out:

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Remember to be informed, participate, and go out and vote!

Civics Clase is an original Wise Latina Club series that encourages civic participation by regular people by breaking down the political process.  Why?  Because this is your country, too, so stop complaining and get involved.  Click here to view previous Civics Clase vlogs.

Are you involved--or not--in your local races?