Columbia Journalism Review: The Wise Latina Club "Awesome Blog"

¡Virgen Santísima! This time my Chief Reputation Monitor, i.e. Mami (Google alerts have nothing on this lady's internet scouring abilities), did not discover that the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) selected The Wise Latina Club as one of five "awesome blogs about minority communities."

Viviana Hurtado's The Wise Latina Club Columbia Journalism Review "Awesome" Blog

I stumbled upon this one day while I was working on a grant application. Jennifer Vanasco, CJR columnist and former editor in chief of MTV Network's LGBT news site, writes the CJR Minority Reports. She says of The Wise Latina Club:

"Viviana Hurtado started her blog in 2010, writing about politics for Latinas who don’t follow politics. Unlike many bloggers, Hurtado is a journalist, one with a PhD from Yale. She’s done some of everything: covered a Mexican presidential election for The New York Times, reported as ABC’s DC-correspondent, and currently writes a political column for Fox News. Her site is really a primer on politics from a Hispanic point of view, explaining to her Latina readers what issues should matter to them and why. But for non-Latina readers, it also gives a good sense of what phrasing makes Latinas cringe and what issues excite them or tick them off. Plus, Hurtado’s crack analysis and sly humor make The Wise Latina Club a pleasure to read." (bold emphasis added)

To be nominated for an award at South by Southwest or winning (Latinos in Technology and Social Media aka LATISM and Blogs by Latinas' Best Politics/News blog) is an honor. The outstanding work of competitors and friends points to the  amount of talent that's bursting from the Latino community which is often times overlooked or ignored, (un)intentionally by the mainstream.

Roll with me and you'll see that I'm not exceptional. You will witness that in the digital space, in the form of blogs, social media communities, and Twitter parties, Hispanics are major influencers among the fastest growing segment of the population.

We are the rule.

Viviana Hurtado's The Wise Latina Club Columbia Journalism Review "Awesome" Blog

Yet the work has just begun which is why I continue writing.

Here, on Facebook and Twitter, we have created a safe space where we aren't afraid to speak up, ask a question, or challenge. You have nourished The Wise Latina Club and me with compassion, tough love, and unwavering support.

And you gave me the courage to find my voice, one that resonates in our community because it contains our hopes, dreams, and failures. It is magnified and grows, especially among our women, because it inserts (often times uninvited) our aspiration--who we are and want to be--smack into the middle of our national conversation on politics and identity.

Soon, our community is going to be the economic, social, and political foundation of our country.

So you haven't been invited to the adult table?

Stop the waaahhhh.

Viviana Hurtado's The Wise Latina Club Columbia Journalism Review "Awesome" Blog

As my comadre Midy Aponte says, bring your own chair.

But with this invitation comes duty. We must take a hard look at "our familia" seated around our kitchen table--that pesky "low educational achievement" tío and that "mañana tendency" tía.

No more free passes because that uncle, auntie, or 'cuz is one of us.

The time is now for us clean house.

The time is now to be presente.

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