Dem "War on Women"? OR My First GIF Thanks to MSNBC's Thomas Roberts

The topic is Anthony Weiner and how his campaign, if not his marriage and family, is flying off the rails. I'm thinking about the GOP field day brought to you by Weinerlandia and another lascivious, aging politician--San Diego Mayor Bob Filner--who is accused by at least eight women of sexual harassment.

In the case of the New York City mayoral hopeful, his campaign went from bad to worse when former intern Olivia Nuzzi published a so-called exposé on an unknown website. These hungry outlets fueled by our 24/7 web confessional culture should not be discounted because they're breaking news left and right. Case in point: which brought Weinergate 2.0 to New York voters and the world's attention.

What astounded me are not any crazy secrets she uncovered, but what a campaign rookie she is. My years covering politics have taught me that "office space" normally consists of elbowing your way to a cramped corner of the card table. If an intern is lucky enough to get paid, good luck getting your money since campaigns are notoriously deadbeat, taking months to make payroll. As one of my 70+ year old consiglieres once advised, "Thinking about going to work on a campaign? Get your money first put into an escrow account."

Still when faced with this novice's political kiss and tell, combined with the grueling pace of any campaign, and the devolving yak yak YUCK factor of her viejo verde boss, Weiner communications director Barbara Morgan lost it, going off on a swear word laced tirade of terms that refer to women and their privates which I can't publish on this family friendly blog. I've started to hear "Democratic war on women" from my Republicans sources.

Hold it right there Bucko! Really? From the party with members trying to roll back women's reproductive rights? Did you forget Texas Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis and her thirteen hour filibuster earlier this month to keep clinics accessible? But they have a point: horny, middle-aged politicians, combined with denigrating, vile language that debases women's self worth, weakens any Dem edge.

Women are turned off.


Then MSNBC host Thomas Roberts said the word "batsh*t" to describe another Weinerland woman--Sydney Feathers--who was on the other end of the candidate's sexts and is milking her 15 minutes of fame on shock jock Howard Stern's radio show and considering a career as a porn star. Thomas walked it back right away, worried about language and propriety. Know what? He's been working non-stop triple duty, filling in on the super duper early morning show plus Morning Joe. Burning the morning, afternoon, and midnight oil aside, chances are, in this sexting circus, this is a misdemeanor offense.

Still, leader of the new media pack BuzzFeed noticed and my first GIF was born. Click here to watch me diplomatically smile (did I just hear?), smile (nah...), and smile (well maybe, and know what, Thomas has been bustin' major behind). TY for the hat tip: BuzzFeed reporter Adrian Carrasquillo.

Do these scandals hurt the Democrats' standing with women?