Education: ¡L4LL Launches Latino Children's Summer Reading Program!

It's not often that an opinionated Latina is sshhhh--insert the sound of crickets on The Wise Latina Club--like I was last week. With my partner Monica Olivera in our education and literacy venture Latinas for Latino Literature, we launched our biggest project in our six months of existence: the Latino Children's Summer Reading Program! L4LL-Latino_Summer_Reading_Program-TheWiseLatinaClub

Other summer reading programs by recognizable giants in the education world exist. Some even offer Spanish-language components. But our Latino Children's Summer Reading Program is the only one designed specifically for Hispanic families with children who are newborns all the way up through high school. Additionally, we involve parents every step of the way because we know that our papis are the key to success, providing those of you with children who are still too young to read a way to help them develop their pre-literacy skills so they can start school well prepared. Our program builds reading and writing basics but uses online resources provided by technology (which Latinos according to research overwhelmingly use) to help them meet and exceed educational goals. And guess what, they have fun while learning!

Now you know the skinny on why I neglected The Wise Latina Club (with the exception of contributor Natalie Fierro's awesome vegetarian recipes and fitness posts). Along with Monica whose blog Mommy Maestra also suffered, we burned "the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and midnight oil" while getting everything ready to launch on Saturday.

Passion, vision, and conviction can spark change. But resources and support sustain it. We are grateful for our partners who when we shared our idea, they immediately responded with, "I'm in. How can I help?" Special thanks to Google, our naming sponsor, for partnering with us to bring you qué cool additional tools and resources to help promote literacy anywhere there's access to the web--home, the library, or your smartphone. We're especially grateful for the hours they invested in us, patiently teaching us everything we needed to know to reach as many people as possible. Their team is simply fabulous.


With the Latino Children's Summer Reading Program, we challenge Hispanic students and parents of young children to read a minimum of 8 books during the 10-week summer vacation period. We've created printables like pledges you and your child can print, sign, and hang up to help remind you to read every day. You'll also be able to download reading logs, and even a certificate of achievement that you can present to your child at the end of the summer. All of our printables are available in English or Spanish.

And because we love to see Latino children's literature in the hands of our kids, we also put together three reading lists with some recommended titles we just love. They are not mandatory, just suggestions that will help young readers develop important literacy skills while featuring some cultural touches.

We're just beginning and will be revealing throughout the summer lots of great resources, more printables, contests, prizes, and interactive events such as Google hangouts and videos with special guests.

Psst...did I forget to mention that IT'S ALL FREE!

Just click here to register and start downloading all the no cost reading goodies.

¡A leer! Get your Read On this summer!

I normally ask a question but I want to leave it open for you to share your memories and thoughts of reading for yourself and familia: