Fall in Love with Nina Sky

No date? No problem. Fall in love with Nicole and Natalie Albino this Valentine’s Day.

The identical twin sisters, who make up Latina alternative music duo Nina Sky, have developed a trendy, independent style that’s perfect for the young at heart.

These Queens kids couple performed earlier  this month at El Museo del Barrio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side which transformed for a few hours into a house party. The twins mirror their audience: young, excited, and irresponsible. Smiling while they dance, Natalie and Nicole avoid flashy costumes in favor of outfits that could have come from the front windows of their audience’s favorite stores like Forever 21.

DJ Nicole, distinguishable from her sister by her half-shaved head, glanced at her turntables while Natalie spoke to her audience of peers. The lights were dim and the bass line was loud.

Click to hear their video cover of  Destiny's Child's Say My Name which booms with youthful energy.

Nicole and Natalie Albino, the girls of Nina Sky. Courtesy: MadeMe Clothing/William Yan

The twins have come a long way since 2004, when they first received mainstream attention. Move Ya Body, their debut single from their debut album, gave American pop a Puerto Rican island feel and had a dance break that called for reggae moves.

Nicole and Natalie still chat and dance with their audience but they have grown up and found independence. Their fashion and look today have evolved as they shed their pop personas for an edgy, less-mainstream look.

Most important, they now hold creative control over their music. Independent artists since 2010, they released their album without the financial and marketing backing of a record label.

Find yourselves alone this Valentine’s Day?

The Latina alternative music duo Nina Sky proves that independence and success never go out of style.

The Wise Latina Club's Dulce-Marie Flecha

The Wise Latina Club’s Dulce-Marie Flecha is a rising senior at Penn State. When she is not writing her honors thesis, she is trying to learn a fourth language, feeding her fashion obsession by Googling her favorite designers’, or begging the Yankees to hit with runners in scoring position. Click here to read more about and connect with Dulce-Marie.

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