Fitness: Build Muscle Anywhere with a Resistance Band

Can't make it to the gym? Take it with you!

Resistance bands are lightweight and fit easily in your purse for a total body workout anytime, anywhere.

Elastic strips designed to help you strengthen muscles, bands are easy to use, no matter your fitness level. Begin with light resistance and simple moves. As you learn the ropes, step it up with increased tension and more complex exercises.


¿Sí, pero... what exactly do I do with these resistance bands?

A variety of full body exercises!

Natalie's Upper-Body Resistance Band Routine

Complete 2-3 sets of 12 repetitions:

  • Shoulders: Lateral Raise. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart over the center of the band. Grip each end with arms by your side, palms facing in. With a slight bend in your elbows, raise your arms straight out to the side, then slowly lower.
  • Biceps: Standing Bicep Curl. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart over the center of the band. Grab each end of the band with each hand, your arms extended and palms facing up. Raise arms toward your shoulder bending at the elbow, then slowly lower. 
  • Triceps: Triceps Extension. Start with the band behind your lower back in your left hand. Hold the other end of the band over your head with your right hand, a slight bend in your arm. Raise your right hand until your arm is fully extended. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.
  • Back: Seated Rows. Sit with legs extended and place the center of the band behind your feet. With arms extended and palms facing each other, grab the band with both hands and pull towards you, bending at the elbows and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Slowly return to starting position.


The variety bands add to my fitness routine keeps it interesting and helps me fit in the recommended two strength-training sessions a week

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4 Reasons to Tone with Resistance Bands

  1. Bands are portable. Fit in some bicep curls at the oficina while you listen to that conference call or go through a total-body routine in your hotel when traveling. 
  2. Bands are affordable. No need to stretch your budget, I bought a package of three bands for $10. This one-time cost is a great investment in your health!
  3. Bands provide multiple workout options. Changing up your routine helps you strengthen a variety of muscles while keeping workouts interesting and easy to commit to. 
  4. You will get a great workout. Don't be fooled--this small tool has a big impact. Keeping the band in alignment throughout each exercise incorporates stabilizer muscles, adding new intensity to old moves. Bands can strengthen isolated muscles, making them a great tool for physical therapy. 

As I write in 2 Ways to Keep PE on Your Schedule, efficient options that you can do anywhere are key to maintaining a regular fitness routine. There is no excuse to skip a workout when it's this affordable and fácil to fit into your day and bag! 

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The Wise Latina Club's Natalie Wagner Fierro

A teacher by day, The Wise Latina Club’s Natalie Wagner Fierro is the co-founder of the Institute for Student Health. She equally loves food (cooking or dining in Washington’s restaurants) and burning calories by distance running, practicing yoga, and archery. Click here to read more about and connect with Natalie.

Where will you do a resistance band workout?