Four Fashion Lessons from Arabel Alva Rosales

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Fashion Week in New York City ended but you can translate fashionable trends into your daily life. To help, we turned to Arabel Alva Rosales, the Co-Founder of Latino Fashion Week.

Arabel Alva Rosales, on the far left, looks great in light blue. Courtesy:


Lesson 1: The Secret to Looking Good is Feeling Good

The little black dress. The classic white tee. The well-fitted blazer. "There's a reason these things have stuck around," says Arabel. "They make people feel good."

The pieces that make people happy, give them joy and confidence are those that become timeless. "Things that make people feel good will transcend different eras."

Lesson 2: Balance New Fads with the Classics

When asked to cite a fashionista everyone should know, Arabel's mind immediately jumped to Fashion Blogger Eva Chen.

Why? "She's great at balancing classic necklines and current looks. It's all about interweaving the old and the new," states Arabel.

Successful designers and stylists are masters of balancing new trends with old staples.

More wisdom from Arabel:

  • "Fashion is a functional art form. It is our way of expressing ourselves. Little touches of traditional looks make you look relaxed, and adding that twist of something new makes your outfit unique."
  • "Find your own fashion zone by grounding yourself in the classics. Then you can experiment while looking and feeling comfortable."

Lesson 3: Shop Smart

So what do you want in your closet? Deals and trends are tempting, but Arabel recommends looking at your wardrobe as a series of investments and balance:

  • "You don't need tons of clothes. You need good quality, classic pieces that you can work and create with."
  • "Steer away from trying to wear a bunch of new trends at once-- it's much harder to pull off, though some people can do it well." 

Lesson 4: Don't Wear Out Your Favorites

You may want to don that special shirt or extraordinary necklace every day, but you won't be doing yourself any favors.

"With those pieces you really like, you want to wear them but avoid over-wearing them," Arabel explains.

Arabel understands this temptation well, and has her own trick for resisting the urge to turn to her favorites every week:

"I put them in a special place, a section of my closet just for the V.I.I (Very Important Items). Then I pull them out every once in a while. It’s fun, it’s almost like going shopping again in your own closet."

Try out these tips to integrate today's fashion trends into your wardrobe. And remember that confidence never goes out of style.


The Wise Latina Club’s Dulce-Marie Flecha is a rising senior at Penn State. When she is not writing her honors thesis, she is trying to learn a fourth language, feeding her fashion obsession by Googling her favorite designers’, or begging the Yankees to hit with runners in scoring position. Click here to read more about and connect with Dulce-Marie.

What timeless piece of clothing is in your closet?