Fourth of July Veggie Burgers

Grilled burgers and Fourth of July belong together like Captain and Tennille, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, or Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (oh, they divorced? They still belongz). How about asserting your independence from the food groupthink and go meatless?

¿Qué qué? ¿A burger without meat?

Going vegetarian is a healthy nutrition decision that helps you trim calories. But it doesn't mean giving up your favorite foods. You just need to adapt them.


¿What exactly is in a veggie burger?

Most vegetarian burgers fall into one of these categories:

2 Delicious Meatless Burgers

  1. Veggie patties: I cook a variety of ingredients, for example black beans, mushrooms, or chickpeas, and form the patties in the shape and texture of a traditional meat patty. Different recipes can have varying results, so experiment until you find one you like. I award gold stars to the ones I've savored at my neighborhood bar and a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Guatemala. Try a veggie burger at your favorite restaurant or make some of these 17 veggie burger options in your casa.
  2. Portobello burger: For a quick and simple option, replace your patty with a portobello mushroom. This vegan option is my personal preference. The taste and texture will differ slightly from animal meat, but with the bun, fixin's and fries, the portobello patty is a healthy way to satisfy your burger craving. Try this recipe.


And speaking of fries, no burger feels complete without them! This healthy sweet potato fries recipe is high in fiber, leaving you satisfied and feeling full.

We have the power to make simple and inexpensive lifestyle changes to improve our health. Cutting back on meat is a good choice because it can reduce the risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer as I write in "Angelina Jolie Inspired Meatless Monday: 7 Cancer Fighting Foods."

When meatless options are this sabroso, it's easy to make the veggie swap in all of your favorite dishes this Independence Day and any day of the week.

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This post was first published as "Meatless Monday: Day After Father's Day (Veggie) Burgers" on June 17, 2013.

Co-written with Natalie Fierro and edited by: Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D.

What is your favorite veggie burger recipe?