From Stress to Success in the City: Employee Fitness Outside of the Office

Establishing a workout routine and intentionally exercising outside can be a key to reducing stress from the workday grind. Physical activity, fresh air and sunshine contribute to your overall well-being. For National Employee Wellness Month, consider outdoor fitness to stay in shape and healthy after work hours to reap the benefits 9 to 5.

Physical activity is one component of overall health and well-being that shouldn’t be overlooked. It gives you energy, helps you focus, and can increase your work productivity. Exercising regularly helps you maintain a healthy weight while also reducing stress levels, lowering your blood pressure, and boosting your immune system. Taking your #sweatlife outside is not only great for your physical strength, but also your mental health. It's also easier during the spring and summer when towns and cities offer plenty of outdoor exercise options.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Haley's 5 Ways for Employees to Stay Fit Outside

  1. Find Outdoor Fitness Classes: Many gyms, hotels, and hosting free outdoor fitness classes such as yoga and total body workouts. Most of these classes if taught in a studio are expensive. Grab a friend or colleague and go!
  2. Take it to the Water: Swimming, kayaking, rowing, and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) are all fun activities. You’ll get a lot of sunshine which provides much needed Vitamin D and arms that rival First Lady Michelle Obama's.
  3. Train for a Race: Races are always a great way to incorporate fitness as an outdoor activity. The training and races encourage you to get out of the gym and into fresh air. Whether you bike, run, mud run, or swim, find a training buddy and sign-up for your first race.
  4. Utilize Public Facilities: Public pools, tennis courts, golf courses, and running/biking trails are all of free resources and provide a great venue for exercise.
  5. Join a Recreational Team: Playing on a softball, kickball, soccer, or tennis team gives you fitness with a side of fun during the summer season. Intramural or recreational sports are (meant to be) lighthearted competition and time to enjoy with friends and family.

Fitness Money Saving Tips: Some outdoor activities during the summer can be costly. To save on summer adventures, check out websites like Groupon and Gilt City for deals and savings on fitness attire, equipmentand classes.

Summer Fitness Safety Tips: Remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen when planning to exercise outside. Taking care of your skin and staying hydrated is just as important as the physical activity itself which you can read more about in Fitness: 5 Tips for a Safe Workout in Summer Heat

Group Fitness in the Park

During National Employee Wellness Month, establish a regular workout routine as an investment for your health now and for the future. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means feeling more energetic at work and taking less sick-days. Get your sweat on with a few colleagues after work or during your lunch break knowing that healthy employees encourage happy offices.

HaleyFulford-TheWiseLatinaClubA food enthusiast and native Georgia Peach, Haley recently graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelors of Science in Sustainable Development. Currently working at the United States House of Representatives, she is passionate about the outdoors, improved access to quality education for all, public policy, and documenting “from stress to success in the city.” Click here to read more about and connect with Haley.

Edited by Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D.

How do you stay active outside?