In Latina Magazine: Election 2012: Based on His Record, Will You Vote for Mitt Romney?

I swear, it's Idol for the Dweeb set--you know the ones who didn't go to prom (ahem, unless Big Bro strong-armed his B-F-F--El Peruano--to go with you to the dance clad in cotton candy-my-dress-was-that-pink-and-grande).

The Arizona Republican debate proved that although primary Republicans voters still won't ask Mitt Romney to the prom--be their Presidential nominee, he's a lot scrappier and has fang-sharp debating teeth.

¿Que quuééé?  Mitt trades in his Tiffany cufflinks for tarnished brass knuckles bought in a North Philly "Badlands" pawn shop?

Jes.  If Santorum's surge turns out to be nothing more than primary voter fickleness combined with his sputtering bravado, if Romney finally becomes the nominee, where does he stand on issues that impact Latinas?

In this Latina Magazine post, I look at Mitt Romney's record, an exercise that began with President Obama's first term “report card,” and serves as a starting point for undecided voters, particularly young Latinos who may be new to the political process, to begin taking in 411 that can help them decide which way to vote in November.

Election 2012: Based on His Record, Will You Vote for Mitt Romney?

By Viviana Hurtado

Mitt Romney’s main campaign message is “Restore America,” specifically by growing the U.S. economy and creating jobs.  He argues that he is the leader who can accomplish this goal because of his experience as a political and business leader.  So how did this Republican presidential nominee hopeful do when he ran a state, an Olympics, and a company?  Based on his record, could he be a better President than Barack Obama?


The former governor of Massachusetts is often characterized as a “turn around artist.”  Romney was key in turning the failing 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics into a sporting and economic success, not accepting pay or an expense account.  As head of investment firm Bain Capital, Romney claims to have created jobs and profits for investors.  According to The Los Angeles Times, on his watch, the Boston-based company invested $26.4 million in Epoch Senior Living in 1998 when it had a few hundred employees.  By the time Bain sold this company in 2007, 3,000 people worked for Epoch and investors more than doubled their initial investment.

But critics point to GS Industries as an example of the Romney-led Bain policy of maximizing profits by firing employees when steel companies were bought and merged.  This company eventually went bankrupt despite a $100 million dollar investment authorized by Romney, costing 700 workers their jobs, severance, and along with retirees, health insurance and other benefits.

As governor, Romney was up against an economy that had high unemployment and slow job creation.  On his watch, the unemployment rate lowered from 5.6% to 4.7% and 50,000 jobs were added.  But critics note that this figure fell because people simply gave up looking for jobs, abandoning the workforce in large numbers, according to the Washington Post.

Some of the most piercing criticisms come from social conservatives, who point to Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor to question his “conservative creds.”  He declared his support for both abortion and gay rights before revoking it.  Critics accuse him of committing “sacrilege,” when he signed the Bay State’s health care law-- considered the template for President Obama’s federal version--on grounds that it opened the door to the government imposing on individual rights.

On illegal immigration, Romney has towed a hard line, advocating “self-deportation” or undocumented immigrants leaving voluntarily if work dries up.  He also supports legal immigration although details of how the quota system would be modified are unclear.  As governor of Massachusetts, he has a mixed record: vetoing in-state college tuition for illegal immigrant students who had attended at least three years of high school in Massachusetts, but not acting to cut funding or penalize four sanctuary cities that welcome all immigrants and continuing to employ a landscaping company that hired illegal workers, despite being informed of their status.

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Based on his record, will you vote for Romney?