Is Prez Obama Anti-Woman? TWLC's Viviana Hurtado Answers on NPR's "Tell Me More with Michel Martin"


Some things just don't go together.

Al Gore and the Macarena.

Kim Kardashian and authenticity.

President Obama and being "Anti-Woman."

That's just one of the chismes in Pulitzer-prize winning columnist Ron Suskind's book, Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President.

The White House acknowledges that at the beginning, the male advisors closed rank on the President.  None of the women are Latinas, who would have driven their stilettos deep into the top of these guys' penny loafers, and while they were doubled over in excruciating pain, these Doña Bárbaras would have click-clicked over them to talk estrategia with the Prez.

The Administration is said to have encouraged this book, to show that Mr. Obama had done away with the Animal House frat feel of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  To what, the womb?

Instead, this strategy backfired:

Like Secure Communities, the DHS deportation net that snared DREAMer students and dads who had forgotten to signal a left turn.

And the stimulus, now the longest four letter word, when in fact it is the biggest tax cut in history.

Who are the MacArthur Geniuses in charge of the President's communications strategy?

Danielle Belton of the politics and pop culture blog the Black Snob, Nia-Malika Henderson of The Washington PostAnne Emanuel, a Georgia State University College of Law professor, and I discussed this hot topic on NPR's "Tell Me More with Michel Martin."  We also talked about Troy Davis' execution, Dominique Strauss Kahn's "apology," and the Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off series.

The "Beauty Shop" segment is modelled after the diverse conversations women have while at the salon.

Click below to listen:

At your workplace, where do women cluster on the career ladder?