Julián Castro Tells Me Why Young Latinos Must Vote


This is the scrappiest of videos, as your blogger-in-chief, sometimes has to do whatevs it takes to get the info out.

In this case it was ambushing San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro and asking the person next to me to film my questions.  Let's face it.  This "Man of the Moment" already has a legion of people around him with No Trespassing Signs, including Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Hillary Rosen (who said she reads this blog!  I won't fact-check this).

He's got places to go.  Peeps to meet.

But he also wants to talk to la gente and when I asked him if he would answer some Qs for Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), his eyes lit up and said, ¡claro que sííííí!

I just asked him straight up: why are as a whole Latinos just hangeando with our mañana 'tud and not registering to vote and participate in our political process at every level, not just the sexy Prez election.

Mayor Castro recognized this urgent problem and laid it out:

"If Latinos are going to be the drivers for the 21st century America, then it means we have to participate in every single way.  The fact is we're not participating in the Democratic process they way we need to.  That has to change.  And no one is going to do that for us.  We have to do it ourselves."

And my two centavos.  Our dreams are within our reach, if we show up.  Not just for ourselves.  But for our familias, our neighborhoods, and our country.  Especially within the Latino community, our voices can be magnified because for those of us who are eligible to vote, we have to stand up for those who can't.

So do it.


Watch the video:

One more note from your humble blogger-in-chief.  The audio is really terrible, like really. When I get back to DC, I'm going to fix it with the help of my editor.  You can make out most of what Mayor Castro says, including his message on Latino civic participation pronto which can't wait.

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What is it going to take to get Latinos politically mobilized consistently?