L4LL's Hispanic Heritage Month: Festival of Books

Over at Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL), my partner Monica Olivera and I psyched to announce "L4LL Hispanic Heritage Month: Festival of Books" where we honor Latino contributions to the U.S. in history, politics, public service, the arts, and sports beginning this Sunday, September 15 through Tuesday, October 15, 2013. This month-long event which comes on the heels of the successful pilot of our Latino children's summer reading program will feature two original and free reading lists made up of autobiographies and biographies--one for adults and one for children in kindergarten through 4th grade. L4LL's Hispanic Heritage Month: Festival of Books

This innovative program that aims to help Latinos raise literacy levels while learning about Hispanic contributions to our country is powered by Google and made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors: MamiverseLatinaMom.MeBebé LanugoMommy Maestra, and The Wise Latina Club, especially you, loyal and vibrant community of readers who continue to support TWLC while my attention has been focused on L4LL.

Click here for more information and updates or on the L4LL websiteGoogle+Facebook, and Twitter pages.
How are you marking Hispanic Heritage Month?