Latino Voters: ¿Obama Claus or Mitt Romney?

Does anyone remember the iconic "Don't Speak?" scenes in Woody Allen's "Bullets Over Broadway" when Dianne Wiest orders John Cusack's to be quiet?

No one likes to be chiteado, especially women and Latinas. For good reason: in many contexts, our voices and our perspectivas have been absent, invisible, or silenced in the mainstream. It's also just plain rude.

Many in the GOP (like governors Bobby Jindal and Susana Martinez who are in deep damage control) likely wish they could chhhtttt Mitt Romney who was flapping lips again (!) with donors even though reporters were on the call. He chalked up his loss to Barack Obama because of the generous "gifts" the Prez gave certain groups.

¡Ayy! A boca cerrada no entran moscas.


If only the Guv had kept his trap shut, the Los Angeles Times wouldn't be reporting that Christmas came early with Obama Claus rewarding youth, African-American, and Latino voters with:

"Obamacare": for youngins' like college students who get to mooch a little longer from their parents by staying longer on their health insurance coverage. Blacks, according to the Guv, freeload "in perpetuity."

"Amnesty": Romney--in his own words:

"With regards to Hispanic voters, the amnesty for the children of illegals--the so-called Dream Act kids--was a huge plus for that voting group," he said. "On the negative side, of course, they always characterized us as being anti-immigrant, being tough on illegal immigration, and so forth, so that was very effective with that group."

'Nuf said.

Did the President sweeten the deal?

On my Facebook page, differing views:

@Wendy: "Maybe, but I'm sure the "gifts" helped sway many voters.. Just sayin'"

@Pia: "Of Course HE BOUGHT VOTERS he was Disgustin!! becuz he wanted his Left wing agenda to PASS, Especially his OBAMACARE!! HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!! Impeached"

@Marcia: "that's B.S. I have not received "gifts" I don't know anyone who has received "gifts" Stop stereotyping minorities as needy and dependant people who need gifts to choose a president. We use our brains even if some people obviously disagree and are trying to make us look dumb."

@Wendy: "What do you call free birth control, abortions, tuition grants, staying on your parent's health care insurance longer, obamaphone, welfare, food stamps, etc... Voter enticement? Gifts? Call it what you want, Marcia... But don't forget to send the taxpayers a thank you note!"

Unfortunately, this exchange continued--just one sign of our polarized politics, a bad omen in the social space of the Washington battles ahead.

Gifts aside, during the campaign, what were Romney's policies, say on immigration? He brought on as an "informal advisor" Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the arquitect of Arizona's restrictive anti-illegal immigration SB1070 law--the cause if you will, that leads to the effect of "self-deportation."

How about his rhetoric? Refer back to the Governor's word choice above: "illegals".

Instead of "gifts," perhaps Romney and the Republican party should make a compelling case of conservatism--in actions and rhetoric--an option that convinces Latinos, African-Americans, young, and one more important voting bloc, women to vote GOP.

Long term, good practice plus the best ideas are much more powerful than any "presents" from Santa or Obama Claus.

How will the GOP "look" for 2016?