Monday Inspiration / Lunes Inspiración

I'm excited to announce a new regular feature: Viviana Hurtado Ph.D.'s Monday Inspiration / Lunes Inspiración featuring different quotes to help motivate us at the beginning of a new week.


The increase of women's education and career opportunities is matched and indeed surpassed by the current media culture which sexualizes us. Beauty is reduced to the eye of the beholder. But how about his mind? How about her spirit? How about our individual and collective soul?

I led an important business call this morning and am about to leave to pitch business. I won't lie--I will wear a dress, stilettos, understated makeup, and my hair in a loose bun. But my real weapon is my passion and conviction for education. That is what fuels my fire to burn brightly.

Which leads me to this gutsy quote from the great stage actress Rosalind Russell. The delicious coincidence is not lost on me that one of her best roles was as a fast-talking newspaper "reporter"--decades before Andrew Sorkin's The Newsroom!

Wherever you are in life, may you live it astonished by sheer joy that only can emanate from one-of-a-kind you.

That is true beauty.


~ Viviana