More Habla: TWLC's Viviana Hurtado on Univision's "Punto y Seguido"


In case you suspect I have A LOT to say, especially about things I'm passionate about like política, you're rrriiggghhhtttt!

Especially when it concerns Latinos.

You see, everyone--pols, marketers, corporations--is going a little loco with the 2010 U.S. Census data.

Basically, our population growth is akin to a Rebecca Black YouTube video going viral.

And along these lines, perhaps the most crucial nugget is that the demographic growth is being led by U.S. born Hispanics.  We're young (¡gracias L'Oreal Youth Code lotions and potions!), tech-savvy, English-dominant, diverse.

And we're up for grabs.  Powerful brands get it and are trying to convince us to buy Tide or Maseca forever and ever amen.  Political parties, not so much.  Right now the message from one is: we're going to talk amongst ourselves and you're not included.  The other one: what choice do you really have, like really?

Now no one likes to feel invisible or taken advantage of which is why I'm crazy 'bout reaching new, potential voters, in any way imaginable to convince them to become civically engaged, register to vote, then cast ballots on Election Day, not just for the sexy Prez Election, but crucially, local ones such as town council or the PTA.

It's not about Republicans or Democrats.  It's about these Americans realizing they've got skin in this game.

So back to having A LOT to say, Univision's Al Punto con Jorge Ramos has an after-the-show seg called Punto y seguido (adorbs name, ¿no?) where the convo continues in the greenroom which actually had white walls (if I had my own show I promise I'll paint the walls Granny apple verde).  That was easy given that AP teamed me up with Time Magazine's ace Latin America bureau chief and veteran reporter Tim Padgett, produced by Luis Cortina.

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There's a politics saying: the center wins elections.  ¿Agree, disagree, sort of, por qué?