New Year, New Menu at Cuba Libre

I love classics but am always intrigued when a creative mind can pull off a twist that is at once convincing and fresh. That's what executive chef Matt Zagorski accomplished with his updated menu at Cuba Libre restaurant in Washington, D.C. I had the opportunity to savor his creations right before President Obama announced the beginning of normalizing diplomatic relations with the island Communist nation of Cuba and the holidays and the New Year. Chef Z and the Cuba Libre staff spoiled us with six courses--a sampling of soups, appetizers such as croquetas, three meat entrees, and a trio of desserts. Unlike true food critics, I did not sample a couple of mouthfuls per course. Instead, this self-professed Girl Who Can Eat gorged on each dish which means I couldn't enjoy the dessert, including a classic flan and tres leches. Truly my loss.

Check out these fun pics of Chef Z's updated Cuba Libre menu snapped with my iPhone 5s and run through my fave app--Instagram!

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xo ~ Viviana