On Sirius Radio: Will Latino Voters Show Up? Then the Dog Barked


You know it's the summer of a Presidential election year because the race has narrowed, the challenging party's nominee is known, and the radio and TV ads start laser focusing on voting blocs in hopes of peeling away precious votes.

That's become clear as the Obama and Romney campaign go mano-a-mano to court Latino voters with spots that rub salt in the proverbial wound of the other.

The Romney campaign knows that Hispanics have lost 66% of their wealth during the recession and that this community's unemployment trends a couple of points higher than the national average.  "Are Hispanics better off under President Obama" is the argument Romney makes in ads, as I detail in "¿It's the economía, estúpido?"

In support of President Obama's re-election campaign, service workers union SEIU released the first of $4 million TV ads in Spanish to run in the battleground states of Nevada, Colorado, and Florida, accusing Governor Romney as being "out of touch" with Latino voters.

[Free advice Alert: Politicos, never joke about "also being unemployed" to be followed by "hahahahaha."  EVER]

Watch SEIU video here:

All these tidbits of information are goober crack for political junkies.  But what does it mean? So what?  Most important, will voters flock to one candidate over another based on ads?

This was the topic of discussion on Sirius XM's P.O.T.U.S Showdown 2012 with 'flaks" gal pal Karen Finney and Robert Traynham.

While marketers are loco about the Latino demographic boom and its accompanying estimated $1 trillion dollar buying power, what does it matter if it's not matched with political and social power?

50,000 Latinos turn the voting age of 18 a month and advocacy groups such as Voto Latino, Ya es Hora ¡Ve y Vota!, and the National Council of La Raza are in OVERDRIVE trying to register Hispanics, despite disillusion with both parties--Republicans for vilifying us and Democrats for not standing up...

...Governor Romney for allowing the Kris Kobachs of the party to win over the Jeb Bushes when it comes to immigration...

....Mr. Obama for promising immigration reform as a candidate, then deporting the heck out of our community as President when he made a faulty political calculation that if he flexed those border security pecs, congressional GOPers would come along and support immigration reform or at least pass the DREAM Act.

Instead, he got the Italian flick-of-the-hand-under-his chinny-chin-chin.

The real impact of these ads traffic in emotion--will I be motivated to show up not just in November for the sexy Presidential election, but--where the real power lies--to neighborhood transportation committee meetings, and the PTA?

OR will I just be so disgusted, disillusioned, not see myself, my family, my community, my country represented in these men and just sit it out?

And then the dog barked!  As some of you know, Buddy, a 19 month Golden Retriever, is the latest addition to the family and the official mascot of The Wise Latina Club.   I don't know if he was giving his opinion on Seamus riding on the roof of the Romney station wagon back in the 80s or giving a woof out to B'Obama.  Glad that Karen and Robert are dog lovers and have great senses of humor, laughing as we carried on.

Click on the link to hear (Barkus Interruptus):

The Wise Latina Club's Viviana Hurtado on Sirium XM'S P.O.T.U.S Showdown 2012 on Will the Latino Vote Show Up?

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What's your opinion, will Latinos register and vote in large numbers come November?