Open Letter to Ann Romney

Dear Mrs. Romney,

Like millions of women, I watched First Lady Michelle Obama rock it as she sat down with Latina mothers for a chat sponsored by the Hispanic mom lifestyle-focused website Mamiverse.  I thought, when will your husband’s campaign start to aggressively reach out to Latino voters?

Click here to watch the video.

I realize your husband’s campaign recently launched “Juntos con Romney” with a website in Spanish focusing on the issues that are important to Latinos, such as jobs.  This is perhaps where the best opportunity exists to challenge President Obama given that on his watch, Hispanic unemployment has consistently trended two points above the national rate.


Your cute son Craig also just released an ad speaking pretty good Spanish he learned while on mission work in Chile where he talks about his dad.

Click here to view Craig Romney in Los Invito ad.

Another part of the Hispanic outreach is “face-to-face” as can happen at conferences, such as the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO)'s annual convention this past June which your husband attended, as did President Obama.

Sitting the First Lady on the couch with Hispanic moms is part of the Obama campaign’s efforts to hold and grow Latino voters.  Her presence is also an important component of a broader strategy to turn around the President’s perceived trouble connecting with middle class voters who view him as “not down” with their concerns.

I’m sure you’ve heard that said about your husband, too.

Mrs. Obama is one heck of an asset, as are you.  One of the best things you could do is convince the campaign to sit you down to chat with Latinas.  We can read on the website how your husband will fix the economy, bring down the federal deficit, and create more jobs.

But what if we were able to interact with and hear it from you?

We want ask you:

  • How he’ll create opportunity for all of us to succeed in America, without leaving many of us behind?
  • How will he improve our public schools that most of our community’s children attend?
  • How will he make sure that our abuelos and abuelas’ social security checks aren’t slashed?
  • If your husband revokes the health care law as he’s promised, what will he replace it with so that our families are covered while controlling rising health care costs?
  • How will he help families with mixed immigration statuses stay together?

We are also curious about you: how you have lived with multiple sclerosis and survived breast cancer while raising your five sons and being a grandmother to eighteen?

You’ve said Mitt has a “wild and crazy” side.  Really???  We want to hear your stories.

It might not be easy.  But I don’t think there’s a more effective person than you who can communicate with Latinas who your husband really is.

Here’s your chance.  I invite you to join me and other Hispanic women on a couch of your choosing.

Let’s chat.

This post appears in Latina Magazine where I am a weekly politics columnist as Election 2012: An Open Letter to Ann Romney.

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Do you want Ann Romney to speak with Latina women about her husband?