¡Quick! What's in the Constitución: Advise and Consent OR Stick It To Him?

Let's look at President Obama's nominations:

Massachusetts senior Senator John Kerry to the Department of State to replace Hillary Clinton.

Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, ¡Virgen Santísima!--a REPUBLICAN (!) as Secretary of Defense.

John Brennan to lead the Central Intelligence Agency after the former head resigned because of a lío de faldas. (Umpteenth note to men: chasing skirts other than your wife or girlfriend's will get you in troubs which you can read more about in Petraeus Escándalo Boils Down to el Hombre Propone y la Mujer Dispone).

And to replace arguably this administration's #1 punching bag Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is Jack Lew, the White House Chief of Staff, best known to most Americans as "The guy with the Hostess cupcakes squiggles signature."


In this 24/7 media culture where even a signature gets coverage, you can be sure opposition to a nominee will erupt, even before the President makes it official as happened with U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice who was the "shoe in" to replace Hills at State.

Until she wasn't.

The "Right" took her down for towing the Administration's line on the Benghazi consulate terrorist attacks that killed four Americans including an Ambassador. To be clear, Rice has been criticized, at times rightfully so since her Clinton Admin days. Still, remember the coverage soon after this tragedy and how GOP critics gave her a pass, insisting she was nothing but a foot soldier and that the buck had to stop with the Comandante?

Thing is Obama won re-election.

Recalibrate to: we're stuck with him for four more years so let's make them hard.

Advise and consent is in the constitution.

Stick it to him is not.

In this week's Beauty Shop round table discussion with women thinkers, journalists, and academics, we look at these candidates and the scrutiny. I nudge the President and the bubble of advisors who surround him, to look beyond the "usual suspects" and nominate more Latinos to head the top government agencies which I also write about in "President Obama's Missing Senior Latino Administration."

Why? Because capable professionals are ready to lead who just happen to be Hispanic. And if the bench is sparsely populated, then as a community we must remedy this by lighting a match under our collective tush to pursue more education and career promotions.

You have impeccable creds and you can still be passed up.

But now the harsh spotlight turns from what you're not, back to how short-sighted the decision makers are.

Now explain THAT to voters.

Click here or below to listen to my participation and analysis in “The Beauty Shop” on NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin where I joined Michel, regular Bridget Johnson from the conservative, libertarian PJ Media, Danielle Belton from The Black Snob, and former NPR correspondent and novelist Mary Louise Kelly. This aired on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

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Is “el hombre propone y la mujer” dispone a good code of conduct for men and women to uphold, at minimum in the workplace?