SLIDESHOW: The Faces of the Great Immigration Debate


As the daughter of an immigrant, one of the things that really gets to me about this national conversation on immigration is how impersonal it is.

The debate which is dominating the beginning of President Barack Obama's second term is often times fought and summarized in a narrative of statistics and policies.

We should not think of this issue as just words on paper.

It is about human beings.

In an attempt to focus on the people behind our Great Immigration Debate, we will be displaying each week pictures of the faces of mothers, fathers, children, students, military service members, sisters, cousins, church parishioners, neighbors, boyfriends, girlfriends, colleagues to name a few of those affected by our current policies and enforcement of the laws.

(Despite what Flickr seems to think, none of these pictures are my own. Please read the enclosed description to learn about the photographer.)

The Wise Latina Club would love to feature your Great Immigration Debate photo contribution in our weekly slideshow.

How do you see immigration? Is it a picture--taken with a professional camera or your iPhone--of a rally you attended or just dinner with your family?

Please email your favorite photograph with a short description and your name or the name of the photographer (so we can credit correctly) to either my email or The Wise Latina Club's official account.

The Wise Latina Club's Dulce-Marie Flecha

The Wise Latina Club’s Dulce-Marie Flecha is a rising senior at Penn State. When she is not writing her honors thesis, she is trying to learn a fourth language, feeding her fashion obsession by Googling her favorite designers’, or begging the Yankees to hit with runners in scoring position. Click here to read more about and connect with Dulce-Marie.

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What aspect of the Great Immigration Debate do you want to see captured in a photograph?