SLIDESHOW: The Faces of the Great Immigration Debate


The elected officials currently debating immigration reform are more than talking heads; they are human beings, just like the people they represent.

As we see them giving speeches on television, it's often times easy to forget that we have a lot in common with the men and women we voted into office.

This week we examine the "us versus them" dynamic between politicians and their constituents in photos that emphasize the complexity and humanity missing from static political caricatures.

(Despite what Flickr seems to think, none of these pictures are my own. Please read the enclosed description to learn about the photographer.)

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The Wise Latina Club's Dulce-Marie Flecha

The Wise Latina Club’s Dulce-Marie Flecha is a rising senior at Penn State. When she is not writing her honors thesis, she is trying to learn a fourth language, feeding her fashion obsession by Googling her favorite designers’, or begging the Yankees to hit with runners in scoring position. Click here to read more about and connect with Dulce-Marie.

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Are elected officials people "just like" you?