Social Media: Possibilities & Perils on Telemundo's Enfoque Show

Social_Media_Possibilities_and_Perils_on_Telemundo’_Enfoque_Show I used to be more idealistic about social media. After all, social media has been instrumental to magnifying my message once I became an independent professional. No longer having a megawatt national media company behind me, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and now Instagram have become the vehicles that allow the point of view I represent to compete with that of the Usual Suspects. This is crucial because of the lack of diversity at the very top of organizations. One look at the mainstream media, Fortune 500 companies, corporate boards, and politics and you would think it's still 1950--white and male. While dominant, this point of view is not representational of contemporary America. Yet social media's significant possibilities are weighed down by its equally powerful perils. This is what I discussed on a panel discussion on Telemundo's national Sunday public affairs show Enfoque con José Díaz-Balart.

Our news peg is the Elonis v. the United States case before the Supreme Court which the justices are examining concerning a man who posted threats on his Facebook page. At issue are the limits of free expression and what constitutes a credible threat plus the real impact of those perceived threats. This last point is significant because of the acceleration at which a message and its consequences travel--literally at the speed of technology for example of tweet. In a worst case scenario such as cyberbullying, the consequences of a Facebook post or tweet can quickly devolve and result in a suicide or death.

To answer the question: what is private? My answer is nothing which is why my personal practice and my professional advice is:

  • The best photograph is the one not taken or taken by you because you're behind the lens and not in pic (same goes for social posts)
  • I also ask and encourage other to ask: does this post or picture represent me in 1, 5, or 10 years in a social and professional setting? Answering this question slows down the instantaneous reaction to post as things as they happen when emotions may prevail or reason and good judgement

Click here to view the full interview in Spanish.

How do you view social media? What's your social media protocol?

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