Something To Do: Sushi School at Masa 14

Bored of the same boozy brunch each week? Is the thermostat not your friend because it's getting too butt cold or sweltering hot to be outdoors?

Couples, how about adding some pizazz into your marriage routine that's not the run of the mill "dinner and a movie"?

Singles, how about a cool first date?

These are just some of the options I think of with Masa 14's Sushi School. Offered the first Sunday evening of each month, award-winning chef Kaz Okochi is our sushi sherpa during his master class, expertly (and in my case patiently) guiding his students as we make our own rolls. For $15 for two sushi rolls, it's only a wee bit more than what you would pay at Whole Foods. But at Masa, you can enjoy a two-hour experience and show off your "ol' flick-of-the-wrist" rolling and knife slicing skills that will impress your date (unless you're me and your sushi turns into a blob).

Check out these fun pics of the Masa's Sushi School with Chef Kaz snapped with my iPhone 5s and run through my fave app--Instagram!

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xo ~ Viviana