Song of Big Yellow

The last few months have been tough since Yellow was diagnosed with a terminal sarcoma cancer, the latest in his smörgåsbord of illnesses that were literally eating away at the body, but not the big, nobel heart of my Golden Retriever.

We adjusted.

Can't walk anymore?

That's OK.

I'll just get a harness and scale back our neighborhood walk to the grass across the street.

Can't stand up to drink water or eat?

No prob.

I'll just hold you up.

Viviana Hurtado's Yellow

Unfortunately, he nosedived a few weeks ago, and while I succeeded in bringing him back with bribes of grilled salmon and massages to his frozen, arthritic back legs, I was losing him.

I couldn't go through with the first scheduled euthanasia.

Or the second.

But finally, last week, I clutched his rickety, skinny, gasping-for-air body against mine and whispered, "Goodbye, my prince.  Qué descanses en paz."

Although I didn't release him for 2 hours, with my choked "Rest In Peace," I let him go.

And he peacefully faded away.

I missed A LOT during this time.

Like Lil' Sis' nanny drama...

...Emails reminding me of this date...

...Messages detailing that opportunity...

...A tip about my next hustle...


I also missed the deadline to nominate a blog and blogger, including (¡gulp!) me, for Latinos in Social Media (LATISM)'s 2011 Best Blogs.  LATISM has been called one of the most influential online movements that works to positively change the Latino community and our country by harnessing the power of social media to educate, raise awareness, and organize.

"¡Ay!," lamented a part of me for missing this prestigious chance.

But another side sighed, "So be it."

We were nearing the end and Yellow needed me.

When Angélica Pérez-Litwin of New Latina wrote me an email about her nomination, I clicked on the link and my jaw hung open.

Someone had nominated The Wise Latina Club and me as Best Political Blogger!

I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

I started TWLC because I was exhausted of complaining, tired of being frustrated whenever I turned on the news, watched a commercial, or went to the movies, and didn’t see anyone who looked like me.  Nada.  Invisible.  Unless, of course, it was time to show the maid or the sexpot.

Where are all the incredible, varied, complex, accomplished, ambitious, fierce women I know? Blogcasting the stories of Latinas from all walks of life who are working to improve our families, our communities, our country, are expressing our opinions on a wide range of topics; and breaking down politics so they realize the urgent need for their participation in this process, is why I started this blog with the first post a Manifesto, a statement of purpose.

Our stories must be heard and we must be actively engaged in politics because we are an integral part of this nation.

My nomination is possible because of them.

To vote for The Wise Latina Club as LATISM's 2011 Best Latin@ Political Blogger–Category #8–click here

Voters do NOT need to vote for all 26 categories, although I encourage you to check them out since there are some amazing, inspiring bloggers whose work is strengthening our community and country

To submit your vote, scroll all the way to the end of the page (you’ll see a blue scroll bar on the right)

Then simply press the “done” button

**Voting ends Sunday, 10/30/2011**

Thank you for your support.  I’m deeply humbled.  All this abundance wouldn’t be enveloping me, without you.