Song to Teshima Walker Izrael, RIP: The VIDEO Interview with International Rockstar Juanes


One week ago today, Teshima Walker Izrael lost her two year battle to colon cancer. The executive producer of Tell Me More on National Public Radio, she was also a champion, opening opportunities for me that didn't exist because she believed in my voice and the community it represents. Most important, she was more than a friend. She was an hermana.

Click to read more in "Song to Teshima Walker Izrael, RIP" where you will also find beautiful tributes that have poured in around the world on the NPR Tell Me More website and social media.

In July of 2012, international rockstar Juanes came to Washington, DC to participate in the World AIDS Conference where he was headlining the main entertainment event. The Colombian roquero is considered a Latin American Bono: his talent reflecting influences as diverse as Metallica and vallenatos matches the depths of his commitment to AIDS research, eradicating land mines, and breaking political stalemates through music.

Teshima OK'ed my performance chat with Juanes for broadcast when I guest hosted the following month. She also recognized that soon, he will be a household name and conducted her own interview for an interview that later aired on his playlist and his musical influences.

Always with my trusty handheld cam, I recorded it.

Click to watch Teshima Walker Izrael Interview Juanes in July 2012 for NPR's Tell Me More.

RIP, hermana.

Have you had a "champion" pass? How have you honored her memory?