Take It Offfff!!! Who Said Election 2012 Isn't Sexy?

It's provocative, especially when arguably the strongest asset in a campaign is deployed. That happened when First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with Latina mothers for a friendly chat sponsored by Hispanic mom lifestyle-focused website Mamiverse.  That it was a first isn't that important if you consider that Latino online presence and technology have grown exponentially since President Obama took office.  Although it's possible that Laura Bush would have had a charla with Hispanas, right now the visual--this visual--is loaded for an emerging community and voting bloc.

Click here to view Mrs. Obama's 30 minute talk with Latinas.

Mrs. Obama's sole mission (besides making all of us envy her "killer arms"!) is to make her husband seem like he's one of us.  I've actually read that she's perceived as "less exotic" as her husband.  It's all about perspectiva no?  I don't see the President who is biracial and spent part of his childhood in Indonesia any more or less exotic than likely Republican challenger Mitt Romney whose silver spoon upbringing and Mormonism can make him seem foreign to average Americans.

¡Momento!  I guess the campaign operatives planting these stories and political reporters writing about them missed the results of the 2010 U.S. Census which confirm our country's profound demographic changes.

That little fact aside, Mrs. Obama was everything we thought she would be.  But for the first time, she sat with people like me, something totally lacking on mainstream TV if you turn on The Talk on CBS or The View on ABC which after 15 years on the air still doesn't have a Latina regular co-host.  Even NBC's new Today co-hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry's replacement Savannah Guthrie 7AM opening is visually more reminiscent of 1962 than 2012.

The First Lady talked about kids, sitting down every night as a family to eat a healthy dinner, she even revealed having to nudge the President to attend parent-teacher conferences when Sasha and Malia were 4.  Unlike TV programming, the Twitterverse where Latino overindex, was in flames as tuiteras and blogueras ohhh'ed and ahh'ed.

Was there a challenging question asking why her husband hasn't done more to help lower Latino unemployment which has trended two points above the national average?  No.  A missed opportunity.  But Obama 2012 aren't the only ones who scored.  Mamiverse got a high profile get and the Latina bloggers raised and put issues on record that are important to them such as more support of STEM education.


This is the first hot topic discussed in this week's Beauty Shop on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin with guest host and Latina journalist trailblazer Maria Hinojosa sub-anchoring while Michel is away.  I joined Maria, CNN analyst, Democratic strategist, and Mamiverse contributor and chat moderator Maria Cardona, Danielle Belton of the pop culture and politics blog The Black Snob, and U.S. News' columnist Mary Kate Carey to also talk about the new Channing Tatum movie that has straight women and los gays locas--Magic Mike!

Click here to see this cute Tout video shot by senior producer Davar Ardalan on whether we're going to go see a movie laced with pelvic thrusts, It's Rainin' Men, and glistening male muscles.

We also talked about Kim Kardashian going on birth control at 14 as an example (?) for young girls.

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Do you think Michelle Obama's chat with Latinas will help the President with Hispanic voters?