The High Heeled Kitchen: Christmas Made Feliz with Tostones Video Recipe


Whether you're serving a Honey-Baked Ham, frying a turkey Deep South-style like Big Bro, or roasting a pernil, how about adding some feliz to your Christmas with a side of tostones?

¿Que quéééé?  Tostones or fried plantains is a staple of the Caribbean kitchen.  In Colombia, where my parents were born and La costa--Papi's region--they're called patacones, and as chef Jason Kaufman of DC's Cuba Libre Restaurant pointed out, tostones--unlike patacones--are twice-fried.

Dunno what's worse: feeling my arteries harden by the minute or feeling like a fake Latina whose flimsy creds have just been confiscated by a Philly native.

The fabulosity of this dish is that it's an earthy-tasting chameleon side; it will compliment whatevah' you serve.

Oh yes, vegans, although this movement was born no where near the Caribbean coast, nix the manteca or lard, substitute vegetable or canola oil, and you can savor this tropical mmm mmm goodness.

Cuba Libre's Tostones Recipe

Green Plaintains

Oil or manteca

Kosher Salt

Mojo de ajo or Cuban garlic dipping sauce


3 parts Garlic

1 part Salt


Peel plantains.

Soak plantains in warm water for a few minutes.

Cut into three pieces.

In fryer at 270° for 10-12 minutes, "slow poach" plantains into tostones.

Place between a folded kitchen towel, cup with your hand, press down, and turn to mash.

Soak tostón in garlic liquid marinade for 24 hours.

Then place marinaded tostón back in fryer at 365º for 2 minutes until crispy and golden brown.

Immediately salt and serve with mojo de ajo.



Exclaim: ¡Delicioso!

Is your holiday meal traditional or do you add some sabor?

 ¡Happiest of Holidays, a most Feliz Navidad to you and all you love!