The High Heeled Kitchen Video: Happy New Year Mojito Recipe


On the edge of a New Year--2012--and I'm looking back at 2011:

What a year!

Think about everything that happened. Osama bin Laden was killed. Andy Rooney died. So did thousands in Mexico as the drug war continues ripping this neighboring country apart. Charlie Sheen held the social media world captive with his ranting tweets. The Arab Revolution was sparked by escalating indignation at repressive autocracies on Twitter after Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself on fire. Today's victims of the recession are on average without work longer than Kim Kardashian was married.

I judge 2011 a mixed bag year and am optimistic about 2012: an exciting Presidential election; will the shoots of economic recovery flourish, despite Europe's teetering economy? Ah si, don't forget the Mayan calendar which ends this coming December.


More reason to love and live it up this year, beginning New Year's Eve when I will be sipping a Mojito courtesy of Mixology Mad Scientist Mcgarrit Franco of Washington, DC's Cuba Libre.

This is a first for The High Heeled Kitchen (click here to view more recipes from The High Heeled Kitchen): a drink recipe plus, as you'll see in the video, the first time a featured guest almost steals the spotlight (from the recipe. ¡Gotcha!)

Click below to see how you can ¡Wepa Wow! your familia and friends with this simple drink:

Cuba Libre's Mojito Recipe

6-8 sprigs of mint leaves

1 oz. and ½ of rum

1 oz. and a ¼ of fresh lime juice

2 and a ½ ozs. of fresh guarapo

Measure ingredients using a jigger, combine with ice in a mixing tin.

¡Shake it!

Serve and finish with lemon lime soda.

Garnish with lime.



Exclaim: ¡Delicioso!

What expectations do you have for 2012?
Continued blessings to you and those you love in 2012.  ¡Happy New Year!