The Sport of Women: TWLC's Viviana Hurtado on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin


One fellow recently filed a reclamo, electronically:

Fellow: "You...are so chatty on the WLC whereas your e-mails are positively laconic.  I can't even read between the lines because they only fit on one line!  Will the real Viviana please stand up?"

Viviana: "It's called I am crushed by email and it's either being "laconic" or not responding at all!"

Hmmm.  Pitting The Wise Latina Club against her Blogger-in-Chief (me).

That's a FIRST.

But it elicits a rápido discusion about e-mail.

I remember when I opened my first account: I was a graduate student at Yale.  That was the era of the quarterly Loca e-mail newsletter--listserv? and big sis to this blog--which I penned with las locas--Feli, Raúl, Marilyn, Jill, and Nancy, containing a glossary, the Latina dating reglas, maybe a anthropological study on Olmec stone carvings, or a post-structural, post-modern, just POST literary analysis of Pablo Neruda's Poema 15--"Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente..."

It was also the year--that stretched to four--of Super Jew.

Today, I'm positively crushed by the Mike, Sam, AND Will linebacker of electronic messages, knocking the wind and soul out of me, never to get up again to just hold my territory--keep up with my incoming emails.

Forget about getting ahead.

.  I fear, loathe, scorn, berate my inbox.


Unless I get a message from NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin.

I joined ESPN's sharp-witted and tongued Elena Bergeron at NPR's New York City studios, USA Today Sports über columnista Christine Brennan, and Michel in the "Beauty Shop" segment to dish--about the baseball playoffs, Hank Williams Jr.'s huuuhhhhh???? rant equating President Obama to Hitler, the NBA lockout (labor movement, you want to closely--as in with my abuelo Marco Tulio's monocle--examine this case study), and breast cancer awareness month at the NFL.

Think the charla threw softballs?  Listen.  These ladies talking sports can arm wrestle you under the table:

Who else is crushed by email and most important, please share how you've conquered it!