The Summer Slide: on Univision's Despierta América

Summer_Slide_on_Univision_Despierta_América-Viviana_Hurtado-TheWiseLatinaClub More than a professional "core competency," the topic of education is truly one of my passions. I am the beneficiary of the opportunities a solid education can afford a scholarship-child-of-immigrants kid, with my good grades and my parents' expectation that we did well in school the underpinning of every degree and accomplishment I've earned. If education is truly the great equalizer, it's even more the case for students who come from low-income and/or immigrant backgrounds. Unlike their wealthier peers who can perhaps attend private school or have a family business and connection to fall back, these students don't have the luxury of that options afford.

That's why I was so excited to be on Univision's top-rated national morning show Despierta América! I reported on an important issue facing students. Remember when summer vacation was just that? Nowadays, students needs to keep their minds sharp to prevent the so-called "summer slide"--when a student can lose up to two months learned during the school year. Researchers also state that this phenomenon is cumulative, meaning that students in the fifth grade who didn't keep "learning" over summer break can be up to two years behind their classmates who did.

Parents can give their kids an advantage by structuring learning into summer vacation. Options include summer school, a learning-focused summer camp, and a reading program such as the one I started with a partner--the 2015 L4LL Latino Children's Summer Reading Program in English and in Spanish.

Click here to watch the interview on Despierta América with anchor Satcha Pretto.

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