The Wise Latina Club's Moment of Zen...¡on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

A special kind of schizophrenia exists among television journalists--we want to one day be invited on The Daily Show with John Stewart, but we equally fear it. In this day when we're doing more with less, most of us are one second from being forever known, not for breaking a story about corruption or stealing public funds, but as the live shot reporter who was drenched when the sprinklers turned on.

Or the anchor who dropped an F-bomb.


In my case, while on a panel discussing the latest tawdry chapter of Internet Privates Exhibitionist and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, well, a word was said as I write about in "Dem 'War on Women'? OR My First GIF Thanks to MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts."

Jon Stewart may be on hiatus but his staff isn't.

They watched.

They clipped the video to close the show.

And I am on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for a nanosecond.

Click here to watch The Moment of Zen which aired on July 31, 2013.

How did you turn a moment of "Oh, bleep" in to a Moment of Zen?