The Wise Latina Club's Viviana Hurtado Wins New Americano Award at SXSW

When I started The Wise Latina Club more than two years ago, I never thought a blog primarily for Hispanic women to learn about politics and how to get involved in their communities would grow into a nationally recognized website, expanding its political soul to include the topics of building wealth, career, health, nutrition, fitness, and the arts. Viviana_Hurtado_New_Americano_Award_SXSW-The-Wise-Latina-Club

The Wise Latina Club resonates because it captures the way we see ourselves--who we are today and who we dream of becoming.

It is nurtured by the hopes of those who came before us and aspirations for our children who follow.

It is rooted in the conviction of speaking the plain truth, even if it means administering a healthy dose of tough love to solve ills that come from within, such as our community's educational underachievement which has the possibility of obliterating our gains and potential.

It is not afraid to embrace true independence and hold the people in power accountable with our political vote or voting with our pocketbooks, remote controls, and tweets.

The Wise Latina Club has hit a nerve because of the basic desire to build a better tomorrow, to create and open opportunities, to be represented and celebrated in our complexity--not solely as a static caricature of a maid or hot tamale.

We don't want to be talked about.

We're beyond wanting to tell our story.

We're already doing it, primarily in the digital space which has afforded us a platform to speak and where our community clusters, hearing and amplifying our message.


Presented by the Social Revolución at the international South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive conference and festival, the New Americano Award:

"recognizes trendsetting individuals and organizations impacting the Latino market online."

I am humbled to have been nominated and stand with colleagues, competitors, all friends who are working to educate and uplift the Latino community which will ultimately strengthen our country. I am honored to share the 2013 New Americano Award that will be presented on March 12, 2013 at SXSW with two other powerful storytellers:

  • Laura Donnelly Gonzalez and Alicia Rascon of Latinitas, an online magazine devoted to empowering Hispanic girls through information, narrative, and technology.
  • Dream Activists, a migrant youth-led, social media hub to inform immigrants on the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform developments.

Click here to read more in English and Spanish, including the recipients of the Innovator and the Mobilizer Award.

Congrats to all and thank you!