TWLC's Viviana Hurtado Talks New Immigration Laws, Obamas' Marriage, & Beyoncé's Baby on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin


"Celebrities, They're Just Like Us!" is my favorite segments in US Weekly.

They eat ice cream!

They go to Target!

nboinbreogrogtewoighrogqoig They face plant in their computers because they're so tired from burning the midnight, day break, lunchtime, former Oprah slot, late night oil (actually, that's me and I'm no celeb)!

In fact, celebrities are nothing like us, which leads me to Baby, oh Beyoncé's baby, and the salacious gossip about all the OTT-ness around little Blue Ivy's birth: $1.3 millies to rent a whole floor.  Dark shades-wearin' security goons with headsets and a penchant for allegedly barring NICU parents from seeing their premies.  Placing tape over security cameras.

I submit: TMZ.

'Nuf said.  Our celebrity-obsessed, 24 hr. information culture, and technology that allows anyone to be a "citizen journalist" means at any moment a photo of the baby, a pic of Beyoncé barefaced, looking all banged up after a C-section, Jay-Z with puff-daddy eyes after crying at the miracle of the birth of his baby girl could be hawked for millions.

One person who isn't pleased that the access given to a reporter has them now on the defensive is First Lady Michelle Obama.  The Obama's book by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor doesn't say anything that I didn't already know: tensions between the West and East Wing.  News would have been: pure synchronicity between these powerful and competing forces, although the juicy details of FORMER Press Sec Robert Gibbs blowing his top cartoon network style or FORMER Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel dropping F bombs were funny.

Anyone notice the operative word FORMER?  Mrs. Obama: 1  West Wing: 0

And in the urgent struggle to reform the current immigration laws, our shrewd President Obama used his executive authority to change a provision that would allow illegal immigrants with citizen spouses or children to apply for a hardship waiver, without being barred from re-entering the U.S. for up to 10 years.  This and other actions come as a direct result of steady pressure from the Latino community--particularly the hyper-wired youngins such as the DREAMers--as the Prez faces a tough re-election.

I entered Tell Me More's "Beauty Shop" where with Michel, Joy-Ann Reid, Managing Editor of, and Essence Magazine Editor-in-Chief Constance White, we had a spirited and varied chat on these hot topics.

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