TWLC's Viviana Hurtado on CBS LA 1070 on Election 2012: The Latino Vote


Florida's primary was the first nominating contest which put the Latino vote in focus.  While not a huge portion of the Sunshine state's Republican primary base, make no mistake:

Hispanic voters are here to stay.

Duh, Sherlock, of course in South Florida where the powerful Cuban-American community bolsters business, politics, and the arts.

But let me act like Mami when, as kids, Big Bro, Lil' Sis, and I all got equal chanclazos when we did something, like really bad:

Mitteo: your illegal immigration hardline should have you shaking in your Hunter boots 'cuz the fastest growing population and voting bloc are young, U.S. born Hispanics--not self-deporting any time soon.

Prez: Tu también.  We giveth and taketh away, especially when promesas are broken, deportations skyrocket, and now in full campaign season, we finally have your atención.

A little ¡psssttt!:

This voting bloc is becoming even more importante as we push ahead toward the summer's conventions and the Presidential election in November with the GOP primaries in between, especially the battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as the giants--California and Texas.  All these states are muy Latino.

A big ¡psssttt!:
Latinos voters, labeled "diverse" by the mainstream, are incredibly diverse, perhaps one of the most overlooked yet provocative facts of the data-rich 2010 U.S. Census.  Election 2012 is where you will see this dinámica most at play in a way not captured, for example, when we flex our trillion dólares buying power.

Click below to hear more and my first (¡!) chat with CBS LA KNX 1070 anchor Dick Helton (who I hear has a lovely boricua wife) about what the emerging, and diverse Latino community wants.

At least politically.

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You've heard me say Latino voters will determine who stays/moves into the White House.  But do you think they'll vote?