TWLC's Viviana Hurtado on CNN en Español's Notimujer Chats about Women Leading the Economy


Women are uniquely positioned to lead our economic recovery--if you are interpreting the recent data optimistically and believe our economy is on the up.

¿Por qué?

Well, the "man-cession" as our recession was called by some experts, hit men disproportionately hard as more were laid off, downsized, and stayed out of work longer than women.

Then there are some stats that prove women have become the backbone of our economy:

  • 60% of us work.
  • We make up 46% of the workforce and 51% of management and professional jobs in comparison to 26% in 1980.
  • More are college bound--and graduating--plus control 75% of their homes' shopping decisions.
  • Among Latinos whose buying power tops $1 trillion according to some estimates, Hispanic women make 70% of those decisions.

Of course if all were this rosado, I, for one, would be in negotiations with say Google, AOL, Fox News Latino, or Latina Magazine to license or sell TWLC with super attorney Bob Barnett ripping the wallets out of their pockets.

¡Putting it out to the universo!

Cold-hard facts: women still make a fraction of their male colleagues' salaries for equal work.  Only 15 mujeres are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Still the wind is on our backs chicas and combined with incentives such as entering STEM fields where professionals make 33% more and workplace flexibility to promote job/family balance, nothing can stop us.  ¡NADA!

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As you look at your bottom line, do you see more or less prospects?