TWLC's Viviana Hurtado on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin Talks about the State of the (Dis)Union


This conversation started inside the boundaries: we had a lot to say about the President's third--maybe last?--State of the Union.

Did Mr. Obama succeed in reporting to the American people what our country's deal is, with a heavy dose on our economy?  Crucially as this was his re-election kick off speech, did he lay out not just the blue print to tackle our challenges, but convince voters that he's the man who can accomplish this?

Then we started coloring outside the lines thanks to relationships...of others...namely Heidi Klum and Seal calling it quits and Aretha Franklin calling off the wedding to her longtime honey.

The Queen of Soul's decision means TMZ won't be able to go loco with dirt on some weight loss stunt so she fits into The Dress.  Speaking of, The Dress I won't be able to see Aretha walking a few inches off the ground (levitating as opposed to click click clicking down the aisle in her Manolos) swathed in yards of white organza.

And that's when it got personal.

So what if Aretha doesn't get married?  Maybe WE have to be show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T with women's choices--all of them, including not getting married because she doesn't want to or in my case, because it hasn't worked out.

Maybe if there's no Johnny Sr. or Johnny Jr. to talk about--¡GASP!--we have to ask a woman what SHE thinks.

And listen.

I entered Tell Me More‘s “Beauty Shop” where with Michel, snobalicious Danielle Belton of the politics and pop culture blog The Black Snob, Washington Post national writer Krissah Thompson, and Shelby Blakely of the Tea Party Patriots engaged in a spirited and varied chat on these hot topics.

Click below to hear this “Beauty Shop” segment:

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Did the President nail the State of the Union or leave you wanting more?