TWLC's Viviana Hurtado Guest Hosts NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin

I will be the guest host on NPR's nationally syndicated program, Tell Me More with Michel Martin (TMM) on today Wednesday, April 11th and tomorrow Thursday, April 12th.  As many of you know I am a regular contributor to the program’s “Beauty Shop” segment, where we discuss the latest political news and water cooler topics.

If you listen to TMM, you know that in the context of our noisy media culture, it is an oasis where conversations rule, where you'll get what you need and want to know, but from new perspectives and points of view.
You can find out where and when TMM broadcasts, or hear it online, by clicking here to link to the website.

Michel, Teshima, Portia, Davar, Alicia, Ammad, Walter, Emily, Argin, Freddie, Amy, Bridget 1 & 2, Sarah, Zach, Amita, and Sanaz work with passion and conviction to make you go, "hmmmm, that's it!" or "¡Ah sí, I hadn't thought of that!"

We have a great show for you today that includes looking at the developing crisis in Syria and Bahrain, an interview with the founder of New York's African Film Festival and the director of the film The Creators which examines South Africa's political history and repression through the eyes of artists.  I think you'll enjoy my interview with blogger/author/pie goddess Beth Howard who has just published a poignant yet funny book on surviving her husband's death, Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie. 

I hope you will be listening--not just today and tomorrow--but on a regular basis.  Thank you!