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6 Minute Career Climb Tip of the Day: Manage your career because if you don't, someone else will. TWLC is unveiling a new segment called 6 Minute Career Climb.  Industry experts reveal the secrets of HR and highly compensated employees to negotiate the best offer, strategies to turn professional obstacles into assets, all to keep you and your career advancing.

Why 6 Minutes?  Let's face it, 5 minutes isn't enough.  And we're too busy for 10.  Bonus: videos allow you to listen--and learn--while you multi-task: make your cafecito, travel, on-line shop, prepare din.

In TWLC's 6 Minute Career Climb debut, Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Time Warner's Managing Director of Executive Search Initiatives and I look at the Institute for Women's Policy Research's latest report on today's 20% average wage gap between women and men.

Don't despair.  Daisy has 3 tips that will help you secure the best compensation package--money, perks, bonus, equity--and advance your career by honing your professional capital made up of:

  • Academic Credentials
  • Professional Experience & Technical Competency
  • "Social Capital"

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