Viviana Hurtado & José Díaz-Balart: 2gether + 4ever = 6cess

OK, not really.

Well, jes as it concerns the emerging political clout of Latino voters which I discussed on his Sunday public affairs show, Enfoque con José Díaz-Balart on Telemundo.


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I can hear it now:

"Pero chica. la elección is over."

"Ya tu sabes, It's time to kick back."


It's never time to kick back, unless you're sick with the flu like I was over Thanksgiving (more in pathetic, woe is meeeeee-induced stupor) or on a pre-approved vacación to José Ignacio.

The real work is only beginning. Hispanic voters frightened both Republicans and Democrats because our showing revealed not just that we delivered re-election to this President but as crucially that:

Latino voters giveth and taketh away.

This power can only be exercised if as a voting bloc, we organize at the most local level, show up to meetings, become involved in campaigns, engage candidates and issues, vote in off-year elections when the office of the Prez isn't at stake, and continue to increase the numbers of registered Latinos. This last point is the most attainable. Our sheer numbers combined with our community's current profile--increasingly U.S. born, English-dominant, and young--mean our segment of the electorate will grow when other groups will see theirs stagnate or drop.

Yes, as George Will tweeted: Demography is destiny.

Just because the election se acabó, just because "your candidate won" doesn't mean we should take our politicians' word that they will represent our needs.

Elections are the easy stuff. It's governing that's hard and messy.

And in that political maelstrom is where comprehensive immigration reform, jobs creation, preparing our public school kids to best compete with the world, are all trying to gain an edge.

Click here to see my appearance on Telemundo's Enfoque con José Díaz-Balart which aired on October 21, 2012.

The Latino community has arrived with corporate brands who want a piece of the $1 trillion dollar buying power. How about politically?