Viviana Hurtado Spending a lot of Time at 1 of Her 18 Part-Time/Full-Time Jobs or Guest Hosting Again on NPR!


Veteran journalist and hermana María Hinojosa once told me she works like a "Mexican," meaning she works her tush off.  I'll add, I work like a freelancer.

Or a consultant.

Or an independent contractor.

Or a temp.

In other words, those of us who are cobbling it together speck by speck, either because we are pursuing our dream of hanging out a shingle... know, along the lines of:

Viviana Hurtado: Professional Chismologist.

...or because a decision was made that made me strike out on my own with no safety net or godfather to soften that blow.

The Wise Latina Club's Viviana Hurtado Guest Hosts NPR's Tell Me More on day of "Obamacare" Ruling


As I continue to "do the hustle!," I'm grateful to be back at Tell Me More with Michel Martin as guest host while Michel is on vacay, this time for a full week!  The show, which is nationally syndicated on NPR, is a special place: we have conversations that others aren't having and from different perspectives--you know the ones that are all around us but that shun the "usual suspects", you know, the "talking heads" who always show up when you turn on the news and just squawk the same basura, spinning round and round.

Most important, this ethos is grounded in the people here.  Michel may be away, but that doesn't mean, they're on ¡vacación!  Nope, they're bustin' hump, whether it's Michel or their guest host--¡mi!--at the helm.

Grateful for my TMM familia.

For the challenge.

For letting me be me.

For giving my voice--and that of so many people who I represent--a place to speak and be heard.

Here's the announcement:

Viviana Hurtado Back on NPR Guest Hosting This Week Tell Me More with Michel Martin


I am guest host for NPR's nationally syndicated program, Tell Me More with Michel Martin (TMM) this week.  I am hosting Monday through Friday, August 20th - 24th.  As many of you know, I am a regular contributor to the program's "Beauty Shop" segment, in which we discuss the latest political news and water cooler topics.

You can find out where and when TMM broadcasts here, including the new stations we've recently added in Boston, New Orleans, and Miami!

To hear the program online, please click on TMM's page on

I hope you will be listening to TMM, not just this week, but on a regular basis.
Thank you!