Viviana Walks, Takes a Metro, a Bus, a Plane, and a Taxi OR RNC 2012 LATISM Coverage!


The alarm went off at Zero Dark:30.  I stumbled to the metro, then took a bus to ze Plane! ze Plane!  A taxi with the indefatigable Natasha OS and finally arrived at our hotel and the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Still, this journey was NOTHING in comparison to my odyssey to get to Tampa.  My original assignment with a media company fell through last week "because of budget cuts." Conventions are incredibly expensive.  Who's expendable?  The freelancer.  I thought I would write like I do from the comfort of my home or office.  It's a condition of my craft that is at once democratizing and liberating.  All I need is an internet connection and cable TV and I can "get my voice out there."

But it's important to have presence and representation.  This election year coincides with huge demographic growth of the Latino community.  These Americans need to be informed of the candidates and issues facing our country and fully participate.

That's why I wanted to attend and saw my hopes dashed until Ana Roca Castro, the founder of Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) contacted me this weekend.

LATISM is the largest, digital non-profit and non-partisan organization working to improve the social, political, and economic status of Hispanics by harnassing the power of new technology such as social media.

Along with Ana, Natascha Otero-Santiago, the director of LATISM South Florida chapter, and LATISM board director Ernesto Sosa, we are in Tampa, listening to real people whose lives are informing the choice they make in November, as well as providing information and resources relating to the election.

¡Que corra la voz del pueblo!

You have a voice and we hear it.

And we're working to makes sure the needs and concerns of Latinos we are speaking with face to face and online are magnified and go viral around the country.

Please click below to watch a video I made about the odyssey and what I am here to do at the RNC 2012:

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Will you be following the Republican National Convention?