Why I Would NEVER Live with a Boyfriend Explained on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin

That I feared the ¿qué dirán?--what will people say?--more for Mami than me is what barred me from ever committing a barbaridad of ill-repute that would prove all my tías in Colombia right about the perils of raising daughters a la americana.

Then I got older and guess what?  I won't move in with a boyfriend.  It has nothing to do with Mami.

Media reports and new studies show that the majority of people in their 20s shack up with their honeys and 1/2 of married couples today first lived together.  The top reasons?  It's more convenient and cheaper.  Jes.  We do spend every night together alternating between his and my place meaning that we're paying double the rent, double the bills each month.

The research also shows that these couples are not happy.


¿Cómo?  Isn't that why you take the car on a test drive to see if you (don't) like it?

The reason they're not happy has less to do with economics than with emotions.  And when it comes to relationships, our permissive culture has robbed men and women of roles that may have limited our options but protected our hearts.  Yes, money in the form of inheritances, dowries, or yearly income has always played a foundational role in relationships.  But living together is one more way we've stripped men of their manhood and made them afraid to be men like Papi who worked like a dog to provide for his family and always walks on the "outside" to flank his women from the perils lurking in the street.  He didn't see my Mami as a rent break.

Mami, and millions of women from previous generations felt limited by their options, stifled by their realities, with personal ambitions left unfulfilled.

¡Psst!  Let me tell you a secret.  So do I.  The difference: at least past generations of women knew where they stood.

Today, both men and women don't.

I'm going to continue to ride men's chops, withholding from shacking up, heck, even staying in the car after my date has parked and proceeded to walk a block before he asks, where is she? I'm waving back at him from the passenger seat, waiting for him to open the car door.

What's the worst that can happen?  You find a guy who shows you with words and actions that he loves, treasures, and respects you as a woman and as an educated professional?

That's worth the wait.

The Beauty Shop segment of NPR's Tell Me More was a little spicier than usual as I joined Michel Martin, US World News & Report's Mary Kate Cary, the snobalicious Danielle Belton of the politics and pop culture blog the Black Snob, and Bridget Johnson of the libertarian and conservative PJ Media where we discussed the pros and cons of shacking up with your beau and the Secret Service sex scandal.

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Have/would you live with your honey?  Up/downside?