Wilmer Valderrama: Immigration is Next to The Wise Latina Club's Viviana Hurtado, Prez Listening


It wasn't those smoldering ayyyssss.

Or his perfectly tailored Hugo Boss Suit.

Wilmer Valderrama had me at:

"My next thing is immigration."

Wilmer Valderrama on Immigration Reform to The Wise Latina Club's Viviana Hurtado

Seems Washington leaders, including President Obama who addressed in broad brushstrokes comprehensive immigration reform in Las Vegas, are listening to this Hollywood hunk turned "actor-vista" (actor turned activista).

I caught up with him at the Latino Inaugural Ball while covering for Latina Magazine the Kennedy Center red carpet parade of Hispanic stars celebrating the community's significant role in re-electing the President, while honoring our contributions to the arts.

In the world of megawatt types, I am more comfortable with "Hollywood for Ugly People" or Washington Insider characters than with real La La land stars. I also am skeptical of celebrities' political involvement as I write in "Eva Longoria, Latino Stars Celebrate the Inauguration and the Arts in the Nation's Capital."

I was going to expose any throwaway, "We Are the World!" lines.

I am only spun around and around on the salsa dance floor so ready to unmask a fake, I quizzed: "What publications do you regularly read? And US Weekly does not count."

Valderrama must be a good tennis player because he lobbed--and hard--right back.

On comprehensive immigration reform:

"My next thing is immigration. I'm going to campaign on immigration and I'm going to be very aggressive on it this year."

This is not his first dip into treacherous political waters, visiting soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that the sexy election is over, how to keep young Latinos, whose votes were crucial especially in key battleground states, engaged?

By recognizing not just that this moment in our political history is "urgent" but realizing our role in shaping it.

"You should really see the numbers of [Latinas], the percentage of [Latinas] that actually came out, from women to Latinos and how influential they were in this election."

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Do Latinos realize their emerging political power and how to use it?